Toyo Tires Regional Championship Program Update

We have some good news regarding the Toyo Tires Contingency Program. Toyo has allowed NASA to lower the race requirements for the Spec Tire Regional Championships from 8 races to 6 races! This is a Covid-19 adjustment only for 2020. This doesn’t represent a change for 2021.

Drivers will need to submit to our Prizes Portal and a screenshot of their End of Season Points, highlighting their finishing position and clearly showing how many races they participated in. Note that this is for the Toyo Tires Spec Tire Regional Championships Program only.

The NASA national office has updated the Toyo Tires Contingency Program page reflecting the change and have notified the Toyo360 team to accept and process claims that meet the new requirements.

If drivers have any questions, please have them submit a Support Request.