Ken Novinger (1947-2014)

I cannot remember a time when I did not want to race cars. I don’t know what drew me to it at first. I can’t recall if it was the pageantry, the sound, the lustrous shapes of the cars or the unshakeable thought that a machine could propel me to so many exciting places. Over time, after many automotive relationships I found the truth of my passion. I just love the feel of it. I love the connection with the road through a refined machine. Its a visceral love that enlivens every synapse and better connects one with the world around them. It is the basis of the beauty of our sport. While I cannot speak for everyone, it is my belief that it is this feeling that is at the crux of our choice to participate. We belong to a brotherhood and like any brotherhood there are those who choose to pass along knowledge, to innovate and to be caretakers of the brotherhood as a whole. Those individuals have a special place in the brotherhood.

Ken was special because he saw not only the beauty of the sport but he knew how to introduce it to souls longing to participate. He gave of himself so that others could better enjoy life. His teaching was a gift to all of those he taught. Ken was our brother and the brotherhood joins Ken’s family in mourning his loss. Godspeed, Ken.

-Chris Cobetto
and the entire NASA family

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